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World Parkinson's Day

11 April 2016

Today on World Parkinson's Day (April 11) Steve Sant, CEO Parkinson's Australia, and Janice Rowan, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's seven years ago, appeared on Channel 9's Today Extra.

Their appearance on the popular show raised awareness about World Parkinson's Day, highlighted some of the early warning signs and symptoms and launch of the free resource Parkinson's Xplained.

Parkinson's Xplained was created in collaboration with Parkinson's Australia and describes the journey of Janice's diagnosis and understanding the condition. It contains links to additional information and an explanation of specific symptoms, environmental factors, avenues for help including the support services offered by the Parkinson's organisations in each State.

Watch and share to raise awareness about World Parkinson's Day .

Launch of Parkinson's Australia Action Framework

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Parkinson's Australia presented a strong message to Make Parkinson's a Priority at Parliament House in Canberra yesterday.

Pictured L-R: Steve Sant, CEO Parkinson's Australia, Monica Hall and Ann Sudmalis MP

Monica Hall's speech was both moving and educational. Julie Collins MP tweeted, "Listening to the inspirational Monica on living with Parkinson's disease."

Senator Penny Wong tweeted, "Thank you Monica for sharing your experiences and for your courage."

Ann Sudmalis MP, convenor of the Parliamentary Friends of Parkinson's Group, wrote, "I was honoured to launch the Action Framework for Parkinson's Australian Parliament House this morning. Guest speaker, Monica Hall, who has Parkinson’s Disease delivered an inspirational speech and her journey shows that making Parkinson’s a Priority is critical to reducing the impact of this disease which affects so many Australians and their families."

Professor George Mellick gave a very convincing argument as to why the government should invest in Australian Parkinson's research and the presence of guests from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Shake It Up Australia Foundation showed how unified the Parkinson's community is.

Victor McConvey, Parkinson's Clinical Nurse Consultant Parkinson's Victoria used the wealth of his experience in both the UK and Australia to show that Parkinson's nurses provide practical and much-needed support to people with Parkinson's and their families.

Steve Sant, CEO, Parkinson's Australia, said that the ministerial briefing with Sussan Ley, Minister for Health, was very positive and she was opening to continuing discussions about the Make Parkinson's a Priority Framework.

Great results from the morning as we welcome new members to the Parliamentary Friends of Parliament group to support Parkinson's Australia and our objectives:

Ken Wyatt, Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care
Senator Penny Wong, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
Senator Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education & Training
Stephen Jones MP
Tony Zappia MP
Senator Anne McEwen
Nick Champion MP
Terri Butler MP
Senator Roberts Simms
Senator Alex Gallacher

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One week to go...

Tuesday 8 March 2016

...until the launch of the Make Parkinson's a Priority campaign at Parliament House in Canberra.

Excitement is building as we are preparing for the launch of the Make Parkinson's a Priority Action Framework on Tuesday 15 March with over 50 politicians and representatives committed to attending. Parkinson's Australia has also secured meetings that day with the Minister for Health, Sussan Ley, and Opposition Minister for Health, Catherine King. Monica Hall, person with Young Onset Parkinson's, will be joining us at those meetings.

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Let's build our community to Make Parkinson's a Priority!

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Happy new year

Wednesday 6 January 2016

Yet another new year has passed and hopefully all in our community have had the chance to have a break as 2016 is going to be a big year for Parkinson's Australia.  Two highlights of the year will be the launch of the Parkinson's Australia Action Framework and the World Parkinson's Congress.   We will be launching the Parkinson's Australia Action Framework in mid March, the Framework provides the case for making Parkinson's a priority so that people living with Parkinson's can access the care and support they need and research into a cure and better treatments for this condition can be accelerated.  We are also looking forward to the World Parkinson's Congress in Portland in September where we will be able to hear about cutting edge science, clinical research and comprehensive care for Parkinson's.

There will also be a federal election, the timing is not certain but likely to be anytime from early August and it will be interesting to see what health policies the major parties bring out before the election.

Parkinson's Australia will be continuing to highlight the needs of our community and to promote better awareness and understanding of Parkinson's to the whole community.  If you have not already seen it this video by Associate Professor Simon Lewis of the Brain and Mind Institute provides good information on the probable causes of this prevalent disease, the role of sleep disorders and Parkinson’s potential for being a infective prion disease.

New Report demonstrates the value of Movement Disorder Nurses

Monday 23 November 2015

The CEO of Parkinson's Australia attended the launch of the Movement Disorder Nurse Rural Demonstration Project Report in Shepparton Victoria.  This project, which was jointing sponsored by Goulburn Valley Health, Parkinson's Victoria and the local Shepparton Peer Support Group, shows very positive outcomes for the local community with a significant improvement in the quality of life of people living with Parkinson's and increased capacity to manage their symptoms. The report also demonstrated the value of the nurse role through significant decreases in hospital attendances where Parkinson's is the primary diagnosis. The report is so positive Goulburn Valley Health are fully funding the position. A great win for Parkinson's Victoria and the Goulburn Valley community.

Pictured: Emma Collin CEO Parkinson's Victoria speaking at the launch of the Report 

Senator Carol Brown raises the issue of Parkinson's in the Senate;

Thursday 15 October 2015

Senator Carol Brown, Senator for Tasmania, made a statement on Tuesday 13 October 2015  in the Senate on about the report commissioned by Parkinson's Australia -  Living with Parkinson's disease: an updated economic analysis.  In her statement Senator Brown also recognised the advocacy work of Helen Connor-Kendray President of Parkinson's Tasmania. A video of her statement is below:

Senator Carol Brown Statement Oct 2015  Senator Carol Brown Statement Oct 2015  (44062 KB)

Melissa Park, Federal Member for Fremantle raises Parkinson's in federal parliament

Thursday 17 September 2015

Melissa Park, Federal Member for Fremantle, Western Australia made a statement yesterday in the Federal parliament about the launch of the latest edition of the 'Living with Parkinson's Disease: An updated economic analysis 2014'. A video of the statement is available below.' Living with Parkinson's Disease: An updated economic analysis 2014'. A video ofthe statement is available below.

Statement by Hon Melissa Parke MP    Statement by Hon Melissa Parke MP    (6123 KB)

Living with Parkinson's Disease: An updated economic analysis 2014

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Parkinson's Australia has launched the latest edition of the 'Living with Parkinson's Disease: An updated economic analysis 2014' at a Parliamentary Breakfast.

The latest report found that there is a very substantial cost to the community of Parkinson's with the total economic cost of Parkinson's to the community being $9.9b per annum. However, whilst this cost is significant the report also highlights the toll that living with Parkinson's takes on those that have this condition. Parkinson’s Australia believes that there are many opportunities open to the Commonwealth and States to both improve the quality of lives of people living with Parkinson’s and to achieve the efficiencies that will reduce the cost of Parkinson’s to the community.

A video was also screened for the first time at the launch which shows the the real cost of Parkinson's to those that live with this condition every day can be found here

For further information contact Steve Sant on 0419 770 010    

Report on the economic cost of Parkinson's

Parkinson's Australia has commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to produce a report on the economic cost of Parkinson's to the community.  The report 'Living with Parkinson's Disease: An updated economic analysis 2014' will be released at Parliament House on 16 September at a breakfast for Parliamentarians.  Speakers at the breakfast will include

Lynne Pezzullo, Lead Partner, Health Economics and Social Policy, Deloitte Access Economics; 

Dr Simon Lewis, Associate Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Sydney and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital;

Bettina Clayton-Greene, former Registered Nurse and person with Parkinson’s;

Paul Davies, President Parkinson's Australia; and,

Steve Sant, CEO Parkinson’s Australia. 

For further information contact Steve Sant on 0419 770 010 

Parkinson's Australia is recruiting to its Board

Friday 14 August 2015

The Board of Parkinson's Australia is seeking to recruit two new independent Board members.  The Board is particularly looking for people with marketing and public relations, advocacy and senior management and leadership skills.   It is hoped that the new members will join the Board later this years and assist support the Board to advocate effectively on behalf of the Parkinson's Community.  

CEO visits all States to meet the Parkinson's Community

Friday 10 July 2015

Over the past 9 weeks Steve Sant, the new Parkinson's Australia CEO, has visited all States and the ACT to meet with Parkinson's State members and the broader Parkinson's community.  

"The visits have been extremely valuable in gaining a better appreciation of the needs of our Parkinson 's community and seeing the great work that is being done by the Parkinson's State members " said CEO, Steve Sant

"I was particularly impressed with the work being undertaken by Parkinson 's Specialist Nurses in Western Australia, the ACT and Tasmania and it is very clear to me that all people living with Parkinson's should have access to Parkinson 's Specialist Nurses"

"It was also clear that Parkinson's does not feature heavily in the education provided to clinicians and health workers when they train, the development of the Parkinson’s Australia’s new Aged Care Training Package, called Caring for People with Parkinson’s, is helping to address this and is a fantastic training resource. " 

"I look forward to continuing to work with our State members and will be looking for opportunities to meet further with our community in coming months " 


Pictured L-R: Norman Radican, Aged Care Project Officer; Christine Bedford, Parkinson's SA CEO; Steve Sant, Parkinsons Australia CEO; and, Olivia Nassaris, Communication and Events Officer. 

ABC 7.30: Parkinson's patients punch their way to improvement


Wednesday 3 June 2015

ABC's 7.30 show has aired a story on the Punchin Parko's group in NSW. Punchin Parko's is a structured exercise program that helps people living with Parkinson's better manage their symptoms and improve areas such as balance and mobility. Adrian Unger, the founder of the Punchin Parko's, notes in the story that "people who do exercise which is forced, complex and repetitive have much greater chance of neural plasticity, which can help reduce the symptoms of Parkinson 's."

The see the story click on here   

Picture: Punchin Parko's courtesy ABC 7.30.

Channel 7 News: Early warning signs of Parkinsons

Friday 29 May 2015

Professor Simon Lewis and Parkinson's Australia CEO Steve Sant appeared in a feature piece on predicting Parkinson's and raising awareness of the early warning signs of the condition. This aired nationally across Today Tonight and 7 News.


Predicting Parkinson's

CHANNEL 7 NEWS: Professor Simon Lewis and Parkinson's Australia CEO Steve Sant feature in a feature piece on predicting Parkinson's and raising awareness of the early warning signs of the condition. This piece aired nationally across Today Tonight and 7 News.

Posted by   Parkinson's SA  on Thursday, 28 May 2015

Budget day in Canberra

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Canberra can be a cold place on the 2nd  Tuesday in May when the federal budget is handed down and sometimes after a difficult budget it can feel particularly frosty. It was the case this year that the day was not particularly pleasant but the Budget was greeted with significantly more warmth than the 2014 Budget.

For Parkinson’s Australia the day started with a lunch reception put on by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Hon Bronwyn Bishop MP. The lunch provided an opportunity to catch up with a number of other charitable organisations who work closely with members of the federal parliament as well as a few Government MPs who dropped in for a chat.

Whilst the Treasurer hands down the Budget at 7.30pm many people in Canberra are more concerned with digging deep into the detailed budget papers to find out what it really means. This year we were promised a “dull” budget by the Treasurer and this promise has largely been fulfilled with little of interest to the Parkinson’s Community.

PA at Budget Night

Pictured L-R: Steve Sant, CEO Parkinson's Australia; Miriam Dixon, CEO Parkinson's New South Wales; The Hon. Bronwyn Bishop MP, Speaker of the House of Representatives.