Deloitte Access Economics Report 2015

In 2007 Access Economics prepared a report for Parkinson's report ‘Living with Parkinson’s disease: Challenges and positive steps for the future’ was published, this report was updated in 2011.   A new revised and updated version has now been produced' Living with Parkinson's Disease: An updated economic analysis 2014'. 

The latest report found that there is a very substantial cost to the community of Parkinson's with the total economic cost of Parkinson's to the community being $9.9b per annum. However, whilst this cost is significant the report also highlights the toll that living with Parkinson's takes on those that have this condition.  Parkinson’s Australia believes that there are many opportunities open to the Commonwealth and States to both improve the quality of lives of people living with Parkinson’s and to achieve the efficiencies that will reduce the cost of Parkinson’s to the community.

Parkinson's Australia believed that for the first time Parkinson's should be made a focus of national action through the Commonwealth and States by:

Without action Parkinson’s remains a burden on society, on individuals and on carers. 

To review the full 2015 Deloitte Access Economics Living with Parkinson’s disease report click here, to review a two page summary click here