Policy, Submissions and Reports

Title Type Date
Submission 11 July 2017
Senate Committee - Value and affordability of private health insurance and out-of-pocket medical costs Submission 11 July 2017
Neurological Alliance Australia NDIS Position Paper Position Paper 22 March 2017
Pre-Budget Submission Submission 19 Jan 2017
Medical Research Futures Fund Priorities Submission 6 June 2016
Parkinson's Australia Action Framework Policy Position 15 April 2016
Living with Parkinson's Disease: An updated economic analysis 2014 Report August 2015
Parkinson’s Australia: Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Position Paper Policy Position May 2014
Policy papers and Reports relevant to Parkinson's by other organisations*
Title Type Organisation Date
A Call to Action in Parkinson's Policy Position Parkinson’s Collaborative Group May 2014

* Publication of papers produced by other organisations does not imply endorsement by Parkinson's Australia of these papers or policy positions that may be included in them.