Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan, including Success Measures, is available here and is summarized below.

Our Vision - A world without Parkinson's

Our Purpose -Parkinson’s Australia is a national federation and not-for-profit body working for all people affected by Parkinson’s, through advocating for, lobbying about and effective communication of their interests.

Our Goals
Key Strategies

1. To advocate for the interests of people affected by Parkinson’s in Australia.

1.1.Develop a dominant brand presence in Australia.

1.2.Build strong relationships with key decision-makers and develop strategic alliances with other national bodies and organizations to advance the interests of people affected by Parkinson’s.

1.3.Advocate Parkinson’s Australia position papers and policies at a national level and provide strategic policy advice and responses to the Australian Government and other key bodies.

1.4.Engage with the Parkinson's community to identify and deliver their needs.

2. To promote best practice models of service delivery so they are equally available for all people with Parkinson’s nation-wide recognising that the States have primary responsibility for service provision.

2.1.Support, initiate and actively participate in research and projects that deliver best practice models of service delivery and care.

2.2.Increase funding for people affected by Parkinson’s to live well.

2.3.Collaborate and support the education of health professionals to achieve best practice models of care.

2.4.Recognize the specific needs of working age people with Parkinson’s.

2.5.Influence the service delivery models of current health, aged and disability care policies having regard to the diversity of the Parkinson's community.

2.6.Achieve recognition of Parkinson’s as one of the major health areas of concern.

3. To increase awareness of Parkinson’s.

3.1.Work with the media and other organizations to increase awareness.

3.2.Increase awareness of and momentum for a Parkinson’s movement.

4. To increase support for and investment in research.

4.1.Promote a diverse range of research relevant to Parkinson's in areas including: clinical, knowledge translation, social, model of care, health economics and lifestyle.

4.2.To work collaboratively with like-minded organizations on the increasing research funding, capacity and capability that will benefit people that are affected by Parkinson’s.

4.3.To seek and support opportunities for research to benefit people affected by Parkinson’s.

5. To be an effective and well-governed organisation.

5.1.Strengthen and maintain the federation by supporting networking, collaboration and cooperation between, and with, members.

5.2.Implement best practice governance principles and practices.

5.3.Maintain appropriate systems of risk oversight and financial control.

5.4.Ensure that organisation and board performance is monitored and improved in the context of continuous quality improvement.