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Make Parkinson’s a Priority is the Action Framework created by Parkinson’s Australia, all State-based Parkinson’s organisations, Shake It Up Australia and the Parkinson’s community to reflect the needs of people living with, and affected by Parkinson’s.   


To view the full Action Framework click here, or for a one page summary, click here


The Parkinson’s community asks the Government to Make Parkinson’s a Priority through: 

  • Recognition of Parkinson’s as a National Health Priority Area;​

  • Investment in better care and support for people living with Parkinson’s through access to Parkinson's Nurse Specialists and equitable access to medications and therapies;​

  • Investment and capacity building in Parkinson’s research.

  • Investment in upskilling the workforce to enable timely diagnosis, better care and support of people living with Parkinson’s;


​Parkinson’s Australia is seeking a commitment from the Commonwealth and States to a best practice, evidence based and nationally consistent approach to supporting people living with Parkinson’s and for investment in research to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for Parkinson’s.


Parkinson’s Australia launched the Parkinson's Australia Action Framework at a Parliamentary breakfast on 15 March 2016.


You can Make Parkinson’s a Priority by becoming involved in the campaign.  We welcome family, friends, GPs, Nurses, Aged Care facilities, Neurologists and other health professionals to sign up!  Click on this link to subscribe and support the campaign.  You can also like our Facebook page

Additional Information

To review the 2015 Deloitte Access Economics 'Living with Parkinson’s disease' report click here, or to review a one page summary click here

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