The Australian Cure Parkinson's Roadmap builds on the Make Parkinson's a Priority Action Framework and sets out how Government, researchers and Parkinson's organisations can work together to develop ways of better supporting people living with Parkinson's and work to develop treatments that slow, stop, reverse and prevent Parkinson's.

People living with Parkinson's urgently need research that helps them live better with this condition and research that provides them with hope for the future. There are four key areas that need to be addressed to provide both help and hope, these are:  

  1. Identifying the causes and disease mechanism(s) of Parkinson's; 

  2. Earlier and more accurate diagnosis, better care and treatments to manage symptoms; 

  3. Development of treatments that will slow, stop, reverse Parkinson’s; and 

  4. Ultimately a cure for Parkinson’s. 

There needs to be investment through: 

  • Establishment of an Australian Parkinson’s Research Collaboration at a cost of $0.8m over 4 years 

  • The National Health and Medical Research Council funding programs of $36.8m over four years to support fundamental Parkinson’s research; and, 

  • The Medical Research Futures Fund to fund $30m over five years to support Parkinson’s research through the Australian Parkinson’s Mission in a world-first model that simultaneously aligns clinical trials of multiple repurposed drugs, biomarker development and genomic analysis to develop new personalised treatments for Parkinson’s disease. 

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