The rescheduling of medicines containing codeine to prescription only as of 1 Feb this year has promoted this post. If you want more information about codeine see

Pain is commonly reported by people living with Parkinson's as a difficult issue...

This week we are sharing an excellent video of Professor Simon Lewis which has been produced by Parkinson's Victoria. Simon breaks down some of the myths about a cure for Parkinson's. This is very informative and highly recommended.

Exercise is important for all of us but if you are living with Parkinson's it has particular benefits. People living with Parkinson's can see a significant improvement in their symptoms and mood as a result of exercise. Some Parkinson's symptoms that may improve with e...

We all think about ultrasound as something that expectant mothers have during their pregnancy and as a medical imaging tool like an X-Ray but this is only part of the story.

Some interesting recent research about a procedure called focused ultrasound (FUS) thalamotomy s...

In Australia in 2014 it was estimated to be at least 70,000 people people living with Parkinson's, more recent research indicates that the figure may be closer to 110,000 or around 1 in every 224 people. We don't actually know the real figure as there is no database fo...

A clinical trial is where a new drug, test, device or other treatment is tested on people in real life. Whilst many new treatments will work well in the test tube, or in animal models, they often often don't work as expected or even at all in humans. There can also oft...

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