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Our Influence

Parkinson’s Australia is making practical suggestions to reduce the overall cost of Parkinson's to the community, help people living with Parkinson’s remain active and independent and reduce direct health care costs through avoidance of unnecessary hospital and aged care admissions, reduce lengths of stay and medical specialist consultations. 

You can assist Parkinson's Australia by being informed about Parkinson's and its impact on our community, see the latest report on Parkinson's here.


There are also other practical ways you can help.


Tell us your story

When we speak to politicians and decisions makers we like to speak about who we are as an organisation as well as what we do.We would love to hear your story as a person with Parkinson’s, carer, family member, friend or health professional. Coupled with statistics and evidence your stories are a powerful tool to bring positive change for the Parkinson’s community. To tell us your story click here 

Contact your MP or Senator

Signing a petition or writing your name on the bottom of a form letter doesn’t adequately tell your Member of Parliament or Senator about your needs.  A letter will have an impact, especially if you are asking them to address specific inadequacies in your area health system.  Ask them to attend the support group in your area to hear first-hand about the needs of people with Parkinson’s in their electorate. To contact your local MP or Senators click here.


Make a donation

You can help by making a donation. Any amount, large or small, helps Parkinson’s Australia to continue to advocate for the needs of people with Parkinson’s, carers, family and friends. Your contribution helps to continue to educate health professionals and widen our reach to regional, remote and rural areas. Donate here.


Join your local Parkinson's organisation

By joining your local State Parkinson's organisation your are supporting the provision of care, support and information to people living with Parkinson's and the work of Parkinson's Australia.  Click Membership for further information. 

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