Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Our three-year Strategic Plan is clear in its vision to be purpose-driven and person-centred.  A purpose-driven approach helps generate better outcomes for our consumers because it builds on their strengths, and the strengths of our staff and the organisation.

What is clear in our plan is that we are cementing our position as the advocacy voice of Parkinson’s in Australia. We started this through our new website and driving projects to improve engagement with the community in the design of Federal Government services for people with Parkinson’s. 

Our Vision 

Promote the best possible quality of life for people with Parkinson’s

Our Purpose 

We advocate for the Parkinson’s community on issues of national significance. We work to reduce the impact of Parkinson’s by promoting best practice care to ensure that people can maximise their opportunities to live well and maintain their independence.

Our Goals

  1. Grow our reputation as a leading source of information on Parkinson’s.

  2. Build our national advocacy capability and promote the interests of the Parkinson’s community.

  3. Build an organisation that is appropriately resourced, financially sustainable and well-governed.

A full copy of our plan can be found here