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Write to your Federal Representative


We are calling on the Federal Government to include people with Parkinson's in this year’s Federal Budget - join us by writing to your Federal Member of Parliament to improve aged care services - download the instructions and the letter template here (opens a Word document)

The more letters that Federal MPs and Senators receive from the community, the more likely they'll recognise that care and support of people living with Parkinson's is an issue that the Government needs to address!  We need your help to get their attention.


Find your electorate division and Federal MP by searching the Australian Electoral Commission website here

Address details for all Federal MPs and Senators can be found here (directs you to the Australian Parliament House website).  Use their electorate office postal address, and if they publish an email address, email a copy of your letter as well.  Most MPs and Senators have their own website which you can search for via Google, and often include an email address in their contact page.

A list of Federal Government Ministers can be found here and opposition Shadow Ministers here 

Tips for Writing Letters

Signing a petition or writing your name on the bottom of a form letter doesn’t adequately tell your Member of Parliament (MP) or Senator about your needs. A short hand written or printed and signed personal letter will have an impact, especially if you are asking them to address specific inadequacies in the health system and the support and care provided to people living with Parkinson's.


The more letters that MPs and Senators receive the more likely they are to recognise that care and support of people living with Parkinson's is an issue that the Government needs to address. You might also consider writing to the Government Ministers and Opposition Shadow Ministers.  

  • Include your name and address - so that they can respond to you and they will generally pay more attention if they know you live in their electorate

  • Keep it brief - tell them why you are writing at the start of the letter (e.g. I am writing to you because...).  Keep your letter short, 2 pages is good, one page is better.

  • Personalise the letter - use your own words, tell your story about how Parkinson's affects you and your family. 

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