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If you are a nurse and are looking to increase your understanding of caring for someone with Parkinson’s disease (PD), if you are wanting to specialise in this field or am an existing Parkinson’s nurse specialist you will find the educational courses below helpful in expanding or refreshing your knowledge base.


It is important to know that for each individual with a diagnosis of PD the journey will be unique for everyone so educating yourself and having an improved understanding of how you can support and advocate for these people is extremely important.


Are you a nurse and caring for a person who has a diagnosis of PD? If you have answered yes, take some time now to have a look at the courses below so that you can improve your knowledge and understanding of people living with PD in order to provide them with the appropriate care and support they need so they can live their best life.  



Post Graduate Unit of Study


The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) in association with Parkinson's WA have developed a Parkinson’s Care post graduate unit of study.  The subject is integrated within a graduate certificate of the ACN courses or can be enrolled as a stand-alone subject.  The subject will  help new Parkinson's nurses entering the field to have a good foundation to build on and for existing Parkinson's nurses to consolidate their knowledge.   The course is available for enrolment now, with intakes in July and January.




Parkinson's Self-Directed Learning Package for Nursing Staff

The self-directed learning package has been designed by nurses for nurses wanting to refresh or increase your knowledge of Parkinson’s.


On completion of this package you should have a basic understanding of:

  • Parkinson’s and its aetiology and incidence;

  • Pathophysiology of Parkinson's;

  • Clinical Phenomenology & Symptomatology of Parkinson's:

Motor Symptoms

Non-Motor Symptoms

Neuropsychiatric Symptoms

  • Commonly used medications in the management of Parkinson's;

  • Use of a Parkinson’s diary in management of a patient with Parkinson's;

  • The role of the multidisciplinary team in the management of someone with Parkinson's;

  • Device Assisted Therapies in the management of Parkinson's;

  • Nursing considerations when caring for a person with Parkinson's.


Start now and learn all about the gold standards of caring for someone with Parkinson’s!


Available through the Australasian Neurologist Nurses Association (ANNA) Movement Disorder Chapter (

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