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In this section we will post opportunities to participate in research.  All research we support must have sound design methods, and be supported by a Human Research Ethics Committee.  Finally, all researchers agree to provide the results of their research to the community.

16 Nov 2020

Experiences in the Heat with Parkinson’s Disease

There are two aims for this study:

  1. To increase knowledge and understanding of how people with Parkinson’s disease experience the heat.

  2. To develop a scale for the assessment of heat sensitivity in people with Parkinson’s disease.

10 Nov 2020

Orthostatic Hypotension Clinical Trial

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is conducting a clinical trial for people living with Orthostatic Hypotension. This is a common form of low blood pressure occurring after a change in body position (e.g.: when standing up). Symptoms such as dizziness or fainting can range from mild to severe.

19 Oct 2020

Parkinson’s Disease in Australia: regional differences in quality of life.

This research will evaluate whether Australians living in regional, rural, and remote areas differ from those living in metropolitan areas with respect to their Parkinson’s Disorder related quality of life, symptom course and diagnosis, and service use and preferences.

19 Oct 2020

Apathy in Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease: The Mitigating Role of Employment and Meaning in Life

We hope to identify potential relationships between apathy and other variables that might lead to new and innovative treatments.


To be eligible to participate in this study, participants need to have a clinical diagnosis of Young Onset Parkinson’s disease (prior to the age of 50) and be at least 18 years old. Participation in this study will require about 25-minutes of time and will not include any compensation. 

04 Aug 2020

Exploring experiences of sex and relationships for people with young-onset Parkinson’s.

This research aims to explore your experience of sex and relationships as someone with young-onset Parkinson’s.

04 Aug 2020

Parkinson's Genetics

Researchers at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute are seeking people with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s to participate in a research study that will investigate how genetic factors influence a person’s risk of Parkinson’s 

18 May 2020

This research by students at Monash University looks at the quality of life for carers.  Participation is via an online survey.

16 May 2020

The Australian Parkinson's Mission, an innovative 5 year research program, combines clinical trials and biomarker technologies with breakthrough genomics for people living with Parkinson's.

20 Apr 2020

The School of Pharmacy Monash University is currently working on research into the attitude of older patients with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) towards deprescribing practice - Polypharmacy (use of multiple medications) is a common among PD patients and is associated with increased risk of medication related problems. If interesting in participating, please go to the survey below.

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